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Tango Links

Here are a few links to information about tango, dance studios, where to get music and more! (We'll be adding to this list)

Icelandic Social Dance Links

Tango Club Reykjavik
Salsa Iceland
Komið og dansið

Our Guest Instructors

Eshan Shariati
Luca Lamberti
Daniel Carlsson
Dirk Apitz
Per Berséus
Moneir Bardai
Kama Jezierska
Alejandro "Lucho" Lucero
Marcelo Gutiérrez "El Chino"
Matias Facio & Claudia Rogowski
Helen La Vikinga
Ozgur Demir & Marina Marques
Marcela Troncoso

Tango Resources

Tango and Chaos Rick McGarrey's extensive website started as a tango travelogue but grew into much more. Includes well written articles and interesting points of view on the history, the dance, the music, the sociology and politics of tango.

History of Tango Tango researcher and author Christine Denniston's website about tango's history, with an emphasis on the evolution of the dance.

Tejastango Guides to Tango Music for Social Dancing Stephen and Susan Brown's guides for tango djs and others interested in learning about choosing tango music for dancing. Another great resource about tango music for dancing, with a wealth of information about building a tango music library. Many of of the cds are available for purchase through the site or on other recommended sites.

La Vikinga tango shoes