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The Tango Adventure

The Tango Adventure Club (Tangóævintýrafélagið in Icelandic) was established in Reykjavík, Iceland, as an association in November, 2006. The purpose of the club is to encourage a diverse dance culture in Iceland. To achieve this goal, the club hosts milongas and practicas, arranges classes and visiting instructors, offers tango travel adventures, and otherwise promotes Argentine tango as a fun and healthy lifestyle.

To pay for classes and workshops, or to make donations to the cause of promoting tango culture in Iceland, please use the following banking info:

Bank account number: 117-26-22006
Kennitala: 441206-1430


Svana Valsdóttir

Svanhildur Valsdóttir has taught tango in Denmark and Iceland. She has lived in Argentina part of each year since 2001, the year she began dancing tango. She hosts the guided practica for Tango Adventure and is also an active tango DJ.

Tango Adventurers

A number of Tango Adventurers are taking part behind the scenes to keep the club alive with their ongoing support:

Siguður Bragason - graphic design, advertisements, flyers etc.
Nicole Keller - calendar updates
Laura Valentino - website updates
Margrét Ásgeirsdóttir - media contacts

DJs and Hosts:

Svana Valsdóttir
Petra Stefánsdóttir
Elín Laxdal
Regnheiður Ólafsdóttir
Viktor Freyr Lárusson


Rut Ríkey

María Shanko and Rut Ríkey were the founding members of Tango Adventure. They have now retired from active duty in the club, but their legacy lives on!