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What's New in Tango in Iceland

Helen La Vikinga

Helen La Vikinga is back in town and will hold two workshops while she is here.

Monday, August 15 at Kaffi Sólon
8-9pm, Bankastræti 7b

Friday, August 19 at El Cramo
Close Embrace & Milonga
8:30-10pm, Bergstaðastræti/Skólavörðustígur

For more information, contact
phone: 8570727

Menningarnótt/Culture Night

Dönsum tangó fyrir utan Sólon á Menningarnótt! Laugardaginn 20. ágúst á Menningarnótt Reykjavíkurborgar verður Tangóævintýrafélagið með mini-milongu í samstarfi við Tangófélagið á götu kaffihúsi fyrir utan Sólon, Bankastræti 7. Okkar einstaka Helen La Vikinga verður með okkur á þessum viðburði sem verður stundvíslega kl. 15:30. DJ Kaldalóns & Keller sjá um tónlistina. Á eftir dönsum við okkur uppá Bríetartorg þar sem Tangófélagið verður með útimilongu frá kl. 16 – 18.

Let's dance tango outside Cafe Sólon on Culture Night, Saturday, August 20th. Tango Adventure hosts a mini-milonga in collaboration with Tango Club Reykjavík in front of Cafe Sólon, Bankastræti 7 beginning promptly at 3:30 pm. Helen La Vikinga joins us on this event and DJ Kaldalóns & Keller provides the music. We then proceed to Bríet's Square (corner of Amtmannsstígur and Þinghóststræti) to continue with a milonga hosted by Tango Club Reykjavík from 4-6.

Monday, August 8 - Lucas De Buenosaires

LucasLucas De Buenosaires is back in town! Lucas will lead a drop-in class at Kaffi Sólon on Monday, starting at 8 pm. Singles as well as couples are welcome to this event, and the price is 1.500 kr per person. The milonga will follow the class and is free as usual, but remember to patronize the bar for their awesome hospitality and support for the tango scene.

Lucas will also hold a drop-in class on Friday at Milonga El Cramo. See the website for more information. We hope to see you at both events!

Mondays - Milonga and drop-in class at Kaffi Sólon

Kaffi Sólon

Why not give tango a try? On Mondays from 8-9 pm there is a drop-in class for beginners at Kaffi Sólon, Bankastræti 7a. No experience needed and you don't need to bring a dance partner - only your good mood! After the lesson, we dance until 11 to classic tango as well as modern alternative music. We are on the 2nd floor - go past the bar and up the stairs.

There is no admission charge for the class or milonga, but as our hosts at Kaffi Sólon are kind enough to offer us a private dance space - let's show our appreciation by ordering something from the bar or from their delicious menu!

Practica at Hressó


Every Sunday from 5:00-7:30 pm, we host a guided practica at Hresso bar and restaurant, located at Austurstræti 20. In a cosy corner of the bar with an excellent wooden floor, we practice together and work on details in the dance. We change roles, and sometimes watch tango videos, etc. We play mostly traditional tango music with an occasional mixture of alternative music. Everybody is welcome, no partner needed only enthusiasm for dancing! Or just come for coffee or other refreshments, sit and watch.

Admission is 700 kr. or buy a discount card worth 10 admissions for 5000 kr.

Tangóskór/Tango Shoes

la vikinga shoes

Rut is selling La Vikinga tango shoes. The price is from 18.000 to 21.000 ISK. Phone 821-6929 or email
Rut selur La Vikinga tangóskó, verð kr. 18.000. - 21.000. Sími 821-6929 eða email

Solstice Tango Retreat - Pictures!

Please enjoy some pictures from the Solstice Tango Retreat. Or you can look at them on Facebook if you like to make comments.

Tango Adventure Sponsors/Styrktaraðilar:

LVS Logo kaffi solon hresso

It's Scientific - Tango is good for you!

In a recent issue of the Danish tango magazine Tangotiden, there was an article covering a study done in Frankfurt, Germany, showing the positive effects of tango both physically and emotionally. Read the Icelandic translation of the Danish article on our website, or download a pdf of the complete results of the study in English from the online journal where it was published.

What is Tango Technique?

Have you ever taken a tango class and found the figures difficult to learn even though you understood intellectually the steps you were supposed to do? If so, then you would probably benefit from taking a class in tango technique. Perhaps you have simply not learned to extend your leg properly, disassociate your upper body from your lower, or really connect with your partner as a leader or follower. Once you master these basics in tango movements, learning new steps and figures will be much easier and it will feel more like tango.

Tango History and Music

Check out the Tango Resources section on the links page. We've added a few interesting websites about tango music, dance and history.

Ongoing Events:

Mondays - Drop in class and practica at Kaffi Sólon

Located on the 2nd floor of Kaffi Sólon, Bankastræti 7a - right downtown! Drop in beginners class from 8-9 pm, dancing until 11. No admission charge, but we ask to please help show our appreciation by ordering something from the bar or restaurant.

Wednesdays - Milonga at Kaffitár

There is a weekly milonga at Kaffitár, every Wednesday from 9-11 pm, hosted by the Tango Club Reykjavík. See for more information.

Fridays - El Cramo

On Fridays, the Tango Club Reykjavik hosts a milonga at Kramhúsið - El Cramo. This is a great place to come and dance in a large dance studio. See for more information.

Sundays - Practica at Hressó

Sundays from 5:00-7:30pm at Hressó, Austurstræti 20
Admission 700 kr. or 500 kr. if you purchase a discount card.

Salsa Dancing

Salsa fans can check out the following 2 links for information about Iceland's salsa community:




Tango Video

michael watson video

Michael Watson & Romina Tomillo

sebastian arrua video

Sebastian Arrua & Paula Pandol

Matias & Claudia

Matias Facio & Claudia Rogowski

Ozgur & Marina

Özgur Demir & Marina Marques - Sinsabor

Daniel & Sigrid

Danial Carlsson & Sigrid Van Tilbeurgh - In the Death Car

Tango Poetry Book

Ég halla mér að þér og flýg - engin venjuleg ferðasaga, a book of lyrical texts about tango by Kristín Bjarnadóttir. Please see Kristín's blog for more information.